Review - The Red Gloves by Catherine Fisher

 Review - The Red Gloves and Other Stories by Catherine Fisher

Two step-brothers share one nightmare; red gloves that reach for your throat; a changing room where a stranger asks to swap lives with you; and who is the ghost in the rain? An expert storyteller weaves nine spells. Fear mixed with wit, heart and magic.

I love this new short story collection from Catherine Fisher.

Each of the short stories in this collection sets up something mysterious, creepy and magical. Some are based on her previous writing, some draw on classic fairy stories with a distinctive twist. They're all clever and perfectly sketched in a short space. And then they generally do something that I absolutely adore in short stories, they leave it all deliciously unresolved. 

Magic doesn't have to be explained. We don't need to know how we got onto this path, or even what lies at the end of it, when the journey is so thrilling and exciting. There's something to be preferred about this approach to having everything neatly tied up. It leaves so much to the imagination.

And that's what The Red Gloves and Other Stories does so well, it sets off all of these sparks in the imagination and then leaves them to fizzle and burn. 

A wonderful collection.


The Red Gloves and Other Stories by Catherine Fisher is out now, published by Firefly Press

I was given a review copy in return for an honest review.


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