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Blog Tour - The Witch House

Blog Tour Review - The Witch House by Ann Rawson

Who can you trust, if you can't trust yourself?Alice Hunter, grieving and troubled after a breakdown, stumbles on the body of her friend and trustee, Harry Rook. The police determine he has been ritually murdered and suspicion falls on the vulnerable Alice, who inherited the place known locally as The Witch House from her grandmother, late High Priestess of the local coven. When the investigations turn up more evidence, and it all seems to point to Alice, even she begins to doubt herself.Can she find the courage to confront the secrets and lies at the heart of her family and community to uncover the truth, prove her sanity, and clear herself of murder?

I really enjoyed this book, but it was not what I was expecting to read. I guess it's my own fault, as my long standing rule is to always judge a book by its cover, so I was expecting some kind of dark horror. If I'd actually read the blurb instead I'd have known what I was …

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