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Blog Tour - Viper's Daughter

Blog Tour Review - Viper's Daughter 
by Michelle Paver

For two summers, Torak and Renn have been living in the Forest with their faithful pack-brother, Wolf. But their happiness is shattered when Renn realises Torak is in danger – and she’s the threat.

Viper's Daughter plunges you back into the Stone-Age world of Torak, Renn and Wolf: a world of demons, Hidden People and exhilerating adventure.

Welcome back to the BookWormHole, and today we're off to a Stone-Age forest for a fantasy adventure from Michelle Paver.
Now, I'll be honest with you (of course!) When I was first offered a proof of this book, I said no. I've never read any of Michelle Paver's books before, and this is book seven. That's a lot of backstory I'd be missing out on. But then I saw quite a few of my favourite authors and book bloggers raving about how great Michelle's writing is, and the quality of this series. I was offered it again, and decided to give it a go. 
So I'm approachi…

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