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Blog Tour Review - Looking for Lucie by Amanda Addison

 Blog Tour Review - Looking for Lucie by Amanda Addison "Where are you really from?" It's a question every brown girl in a white-washed town is familiar with, and one that Lucie has never been able to answer. All she knows is that her mother is white, she's never met her father, and she looks nothing like the rest of her family. She can't even talk about it because everyone says it shouldn't matter! Well, it matters to Lucie and-with her new friend Nav, who knows exactly who he is-she's determined to find some answers. What do you do when your entire existence is a question with no answer? You do a DNA test. Looking for Lucie is a fascinating look at what it is like growing up mixed race in contemporary Britain. It's a story about family and culture, and what they can mean for different people, as Lucie tries to figure out where she fits into the world. She doesn't look like any of the rest of her family, and her ethnicity is impossible to figure o

NYA Lit Fest - Everything else

The panels at the first Northern YA Literary Festival were all excellent. But there was a lot more going on over the course of the day.

Here's a quick round up.

There were signing panels, with all of the authors on the panels signing books at least once during the day. I took "a few" books with me, and got them all signed!

One absolute highlight of the signing panels was Katherine Webber recognising me and giving me a hug for being so supportive of her book, Wing Jones. I also got a hug off Anna Day, so it was a good hugging authors day for me!

Taken Moons Candles had a beautifully decorated stall selling bookish candles all day. I picked up one of Rebecca's Does That Feel Noble candles, inspired by The Cruel Prince. I also got to meet Rebecca's mum, who was helping out, and Aimee took a turn selling candles while Rebecca went to meet an author.

There were loads of goodies from publishers too. As a special thank you to the Northern Book Bloggers for the work we put in publicising the event, we all got goody bags with swag in them, and I came away with four new arcs, as well as badges, stickers, bookmarks, a lollipop, a Children of Blood and Bone tote bag and more!

There were lots of other bloggers there too, people that I've spoken to online, and it was lovely to meet them and talk to them in person. I met Faye, Jess, Lydia and Rosie. This was on top of the pleasure of getting to spend a lot more time with some of the Northern Book Bloggers, particularly while travelling there and home again.

We also had a proper Northern Book Bloggers photoshoot with the official event photographer, that was a lot of fun!

The Northern YA Literary Festival was my first big literary event, and it was an absolute blast! I've already got tickets for another one, CHCC YA Fest in May, and I am absolutely thrilled that the Northern festival has been confirmed for next year!


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