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Blog Tour Review - Looking for Lucie by Amanda Addison

 Blog Tour Review - Looking for Lucie by Amanda Addison "Where are you really from?" It's a question every brown girl in a white-washed town is familiar with, and one that Lucie has never been able to answer. All she knows is that her mother is white, she's never met her father, and she looks nothing like the rest of her family. She can't even talk about it because everyone says it shouldn't matter! Well, it matters to Lucie and-with her new friend Nav, who knows exactly who he is-she's determined to find some answers. What do you do when your entire existence is a question with no answer? You do a DNA test. Looking for Lucie is a fascinating look at what it is like growing up mixed race in contemporary Britain. It's a story about family and culture, and what they can mean for different people, as Lucie tries to figure out where she fits into the world. She doesn't look like any of the rest of her family, and her ethnicity is impossible to figure o

Review - Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter

Review - Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter

She’s the person you think you know best…

But what if you don’t actually know her at all?

Andy Oliver thinks she knows everything about her mother Laura.

Until, in a moment of terrible danger, Laura steps forward into the line of fire.

Now, Andy must embark on a desperate race against time to uncover the secrets of her mother’s past.

Before they both run out of time…

This was very different to any of Karin Slaughter's previous novels that I've read. I really liked it.

Like her previous stand-alone, The Good Daughter, Pieces of Her abandons the police procedural (or medical examiner procedural?) in favour of telling the story from the perspectives of the victims. 

It opens with a fairly horrific inciting incident, a shooting in a coffee shop. This seems to be fairly par for the course with these books, though in the current political climate reading about any mass public shooting like this can be tough.

Then the book goes down a wonderful, mystery thriller route. Andy needs to make sense of her mother's past to understand what's happening to her in the present, and she needs to do that while on the run from mysterious assassins. The story unfolds at a great pace, with the mysteries slowly becoming clear, mixed with flash back scenes that show us Andy's mother as a young woman. It's not like the murder mystery I was expecting, but it pulled me along on a thrilling ride.


Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter is out now, published by HarperCollins UK

I was given a review copy via Netgalley in return for an honest review.


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