Review - A Tangle of Spells by Michelle Harrison

 Review - A Tangle of Spells by Michelle Harrison

It should have been a fresh start for the Widdershins sisters, Betty, Fliss and Charlie, who have left the misty gloom of Crowstone for a new life in the pretty village of Pendlewick.  

But all is not as it seems and as one of their own begins to slip away from them, the sisters find themselves in a race against time to break a dark magic that has cast a spell over the village.

This magical book is so creepy, I was absolutely on edge the whole time I was reading it.  The Widdershins have left Crowstone for a new home, and the story starts off by dealing with how the three sisters feel about this move. Their new cottage is described in the most wonderfully evocative way and from the moment you first read about it you just know they're not going straight for happily ever after. 

Their new home, Pendlewick, has its own mysteries and secrets and some of them are really quite horrible. It was absolutely fascinating watching this dark magic falling on the sisters, and how far they'd go to protect each other.

An absolutely fantastic dark fairy tale story. I loved it so much!


A Tangle of Spells by Michelle Harrison is out now, published by Simon and Schuster.
I was given a review copy via Netgalley in return for an honest review.


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