Review - Crater Lake: Evolution by Jennifer Killick

 Review - Crater Lake: Evolution by Jennifer Killick

It’s five months since the Crater Lake Year Six alien invasion school trip from hell,  and Lance and his friends have struggled with the transition to high school. 

But now things have got strange in their hometown of Straybridge: there’s been an explosion at the university, a mysterious creature has escaped, the town is under curfew and Lance’s mum is acting seriously weird. 

Cut off from help can Lance reunite Katja, Chets, Ade, Big Mak and new friend Karim, to tackle an enemy straight out of their nightmares...

So pleased to report that Jennifer Killick has done it again!

Crater Lake Evolution is wickedly smart sci-fi horror, with some seriously creepy moments and some important things to say about friendships and how they can change on us. 

Highly recommended


Crater Lake: Evolution by Jennifer Killick is out now, published by Firefly Press.
I was given a review copy via Netgalley in return for an honest review.


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