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Blog Tour Review - Service Model by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Blog Tour Review - Service Model by Adrian Tchaikovsky To fix the world they first must break it further. Humanity is a dying breed, utterly reliant on artificial labor and service. When a domesticated robot gets a nasty little idea downloaded into their core programming, they murder their owner. The robot then discovers they can also do something else they never did before: run away. After fleeing the household, they enter a wider world they never knew existed, where the age-old hierarchy of humans at the top is disintegrating, and a robot ecosystem devoted to human wellbeing is finding a new purpose. There is so much to love in Service Model, but one of the things I most love about it is the peculiar blend of charming innocence and insightful cynicism. Uncharles the domestic robot is such a simple soul (though he would state that he has no soul and this is an inaccurate description). He approaches the end of the world with optimism and hope, or whatever equivalent to these emotions h

Review - The Revelry by Katherine Webber

 Review - The Revelry by Katherine Webber

Growing up in Ember Grove, Bitsy Clark knows better than to break the rules around the Revelry, the mysterious end-of-year party in the woods. So when her best friend, Amy, persuades her to sneak in, Bitsy is full of misgivings.
Misgivings that she should have listened to, because it’s after the Revelry that Bitsy’s luck turns and her life starts to unravel. For Amy it’s the opposite, as if she’s been blessed with good fortune.
Soon Bitsy is convinced that the Revelry has tied the two friends together in a curse that only she can break…

What a stunning book! 

The Revelry was one of those books where I had no idea what to expect when I started reading it, and was just blown away by it. A town built on secrets, with hidden and mysterious parties in the woods. Two close friends who just have to sneak in and find out more about it. I was so excited to find out what happened at these revelries. And then, like Bitsy, our main protagonist, I was just told "Nope. You don't get to see that." Honestly it was frustrating and infuriating and just made me want to keep reading and delve deeper into this mystery. 

What comes next was done so masterfully! The drip feeding of flashbacks, as Bitsy, and the reader, slowly see bits of what happened that night in the woods. Meeting new and intriguing characters with their own mystery about them. And the things that start to go wrong, subtle enough to leave us questioning is it a curse or is it all just coincidental? Is there dark magics afoot or is Bitsy losing it? 

The woods are a character all of their own, and this was something else I absolutely loved. They just have so much presence, so much personality, power and mystery. Every time someone went into the woods, the tension was immediately raised.

Dark, mysterious and beautiful, The Revelry is a gorgeous book!


The Revelry by Katherine Webber is out now and published by Walker Books.
I was given a review copy via Netgalley in return for an honest review.


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