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Blog Tour Review - Service Model by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Blog Tour Review - Service Model by Adrian Tchaikovsky To fix the world they first must break it further. Humanity is a dying breed, utterly reliant on artificial labor and service. When a domesticated robot gets a nasty little idea downloaded into their core programming, they murder their owner. The robot then discovers they can also do something else they never did before: run away. After fleeing the household, they enter a wider world they never knew existed, where the age-old hierarchy of humans at the top is disintegrating, and a robot ecosystem devoted to human wellbeing is finding a new purpose. There is so much to love in Service Model, but one of the things I most love about it is the peculiar blend of charming innocence and insightful cynicism. Uncharles the domestic robot is such a simple soul (though he would state that he has no soul and this is an inaccurate description). He approaches the end of the world with optimism and hope, or whatever equivalent to these emotions h

Chantel from Cozy Bookish Life takes the Inside Out Challenge

Hello, readers. Today I have another response to my Inside Out Challenge to share with you. If you haven't seen it already, please read my introduction piece here. That explains the reasoning and the rules behind the challenge. This is the second response, following Amy's last week.

First, please introduce yourself, including any blog addresses or twitter handles you like.

Hello All My name is Chantal. I just recently started my bookish blog, and I am having so much fun meeting and interacting with all the wonderful people in the blogging community!! If you would like to pop by and say hello, you can find me at:

Other places you can join me to gush about all things bookish are:
Instagram: cozy_bookish_life
Twitter: @cozybookishlife

Can you tell me about a book you have read that made you feel joy?
Actually I am currently 3/4ths of the way through My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows, and this book is such a delight!! It has most definitely brought me joy. I have found myself giggling, and literally laughing out loud quite frequently. My Lady Jane is a fun historical fiction/romance/fantasy novel with lots of sarcasm, wit, and humorous dialogue!!

What about a book that filled you with sadness?

There is only one book that has caused me to feel sadness to the point where I actually cried, and that is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I feel like if you DIDNT cry while reading this book – you probably have no heart. :p

Have you read a book that made you feel angry?

I recently read Dear Martin by Nic Stone. This story tackles the topic of racial profiling and discrimination against black youth by the police and society within America. The book itself did not make me angry – The book was amazing, thought- provoking, and eye opening. And I feel that every person should read it! What made me angry was the ignorance of some of the characters, and the situations that occur within the book – because they are real.

Has a book ever disgusted you?

When I first started reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld I was so appalled by the premise of the book that I considered writing a strongly worded letter to author (lol – yeah that mad)!! I could not believe that a novel marketed to young adults would feature a world where youth are not only considered, but labelled, UGLIES until they underwent a procedure that fixed their flaws. They were stretched to make them taller, had fat sucked out to make them thinner, they had blemishes, birthmarks and moles removed, their hair was de-frizzed, etc. And, after the procedures are complete the youth receive the new label of PRETTIES and are then allowed to live amongst respectable society. In my head I was screaming!!

HOWEVER, my opinion of the novel did change. As I continued reading, the plot took shape, and I realized that the protagonist rebels against the system bringing to light the consequences of removing people’s individuality and making them allperfect!

So in the end I was only disgusted by the first bit of this book – and now it is one of my faves! ;)

Can you tell me about a book that made you afraid?

I can!! Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry. I would advise against reading this at night lol This one had me so creeped out that I had to do a run & dive from the living room into bed so that no creepy crawler snatched my ankles!! This story features a post apocalyptic world infested with zombies – Benny is forced take on an apprenticeship as a zombie hunter and therefore has to venture beyond the safety of the wall. Except what he finds beyond the wall is not what he had expected!

And finally, can you tell me a little bit about a book that you know inside out?

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It is a YA Paranormal Fantasy/Sci-Fi about a young gal named Katy who finds herself relocated to a new town where strange is the ordinary. Once there Katy becomes fast friends with her neighbour Dee, even though Dees over protective brother Daemon does his best to make it difficult for them. We learn that Dee and Daemon are hiding a dangerous secret from Katy – and the world, which when exposed forces the three of them to work together to keep the community safe and the secret hidden. This is a fast paced and addictive story hosting some of my favourite characters and an intriguing world!!

That's great. Thank you for playing along, Chantel.

Would you like to give the challenge a go? Get in touch in the comments or on Twitter @notsotweets and I'll send you the instructions.


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