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Blog Tour Review - To Cage A God by Elizabeth May

 Blog Tour Review - To Cage A God by Elizabeth May To cage a god is divine. To be divine is to rule. To rule is to destroy. Using ancient secrets, Galina and Sera’s mother grafted gods into their bones. Bound to brutal deities and granted forbidden power no commoner has held in a millennia, the sisters have grown up to become living weapons. Raised to overthrow an empire―no matter the cost. With their mother gone and their country on the brink of war, it falls to the sisters to take the helm of the rebellion and end the cruel reign of a royal family possessed by destructive gods. Because when the ruling alurea invade, they conquer with fire and blood. And when they clash, common folk burn. While Sera reunites with her estranged lover turned violent rebel leader, Galina infiltrates the palace. In this world of deception and danger, her only refuge is an isolated princess, whose whip-smart tongue and sharp gaze threaten to uncover Galina’s secret. Torn between desire and duty, Galina mus

Review - First Class Murder by Robin Stevens

It's time for another joint review, as my daughter and I review book three in the Wells and Wong series, First  Class Murder.

First Class Murder by Robin Stevens

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are taking a holiday on the world-famous Orient Express - and it's clear that each of their fellow first-class passengers has something to hide. 

Even more intriguing: there is rumour of a spy in their midst. 

Then, during dinner, there is a scream from inside one of the cabins. When the door is broken down, a passenger is found murdered, her stunning ruby necklace gone.

But the killer has vanished - as if into thin air.

Daisy and Hazel are faced with their first ever locked-room mystery - and with competition from several other sleuths, who are just as determined to crack the case.

 What did you think of the book?
Absolutely fab! Love how it is based on Agatha Christie's 'Murder on the Orient Express'.
These stories just seem to be getting better with each book! The cast of characters on the Orient Express is absolutely fascinating, there are so many people who seem to be out to get each other and it's really exciting to watch it all happen within the closed environment of a train carriage.  The use of a magician on board, and the possibility of one of the characters being a spy reminded me of the fact that Houdini himself acted as a spy, and it's great to see characters from Arsenic for Tea come back into the story in very different roles.
Did you have a favourite character?
As in the other books, Hazel is one of my favourite characters as she really thinks about people, but I also like Alexander because he is a nice person in general, and also a very clever boy.

Alexander is a really interesting addition to the team, and I really enjoyed the way he challenged Daisy. It was also interesting to see Hazel's father, who we've heard about before. It was a great additional challenge for the detectives to have to do their detecting without his catching on.

Did you work out who the murderer was?
Yes, but only a few chapters before they were revealed. Very exciting!
This is the first time so far that I've managed to figure it out, and that left me feeling quite pleased with myself because it was very cleverly done.

What was your favourite bit?
At the very beginning, when Hazel's father comes to pick up the girls are, outside Deapdean
with their friends, who are also waiting to be picked up  
"Goodness," exclaimed Beanie, eyes wide." Is that your father? How funny- he looks exactly like you!"            
"Beans," said Kitty, rolling her eyes, "who else would he look like?"            
"I don't know!" said Beanie."I mean-does everyone in Hong Kong look like you, Hazel?"
I loved watching Daisy have to cope with so many other detectives, amateur and professional, young and old, on board, and watching her competitive streak come out. I also really enjoy seeing which books Daisy is reading, as she has such excellent taste in classic murder mysteries.

Would you recommend it to your friends?

I am! One of my best friends has asked to borrow the books from me to read.

Are you looking forward to reading the next in the series?
Definitely! I can't wait for book 7 to come out!

Five moons for First Class Murder!



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