Your Ideal Book Panels

I had a really interesting conversation on Twitter the other day that I thought deserved to be written up into a blog post.

It wasn't some heavy discussion piece, it was more of a light hearted fantasy panel game.

It started with this tweet from @JessHeartBooks

Yeah, I think I'd like to do that one day too.

I asked her

and she came back with a really fantastic suggestion for a panel!

So I opened the question up to the rest of my followers, and got some more great ideas for panels!

 What was really interesting though was how many of the authors came back with responses about how much they'd like to do it.

My own dream panel?

Jess came back with a really interesting response.

 You know what? I think she might be on to something there!

So what about you? Who would be on your dream author panel, and would you host it yourself?
Should we look at having a book blogger run convention? Maybe in the north east of England?


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